Sunday, 28 August 2011

'Smile' Exhibition at Shire Hall Gallery

I recently went to Shire Hall Gallery in Stafford as I love to mooch around the exhibitions, which they change quite regularly.  This exhibition was called 'Smile' and comprised of artwork by thirteen contemporary artists on the theme of smiling.

I loved it all but I was particularly taken by the Julie Arkell papier mache display.  According to the museum guide book, Julie Arkell describes her papier mache characters as 'a mixture of thing's - partly human but other animals too.  She especially enjoys the idea of giving them rabbit's ears'.  These are the photos I took, not excellent quality as I used my trusty old iphone :)

I also enjoyed the work of Lucy Casson.  I only took one photo unfortunately.  This exhibit shows characters hard at work repairing an old chair.

Janet Bolton stitches her lovely pictures.  The inspiration for her textiles come from 'visual experience, memory, imagination - and sometimes from some quality inspired by the material itself.' (taken from her website)

Finally, Linda Miller embroiders her colourful scenes of people, 'always happy, always smiling and usually depicted within a story' (from her website).

Too High! by Natacha Chohra

I love my friend's latest painting, great composition and so cute!  'Too High' painted in watercolour by Natacha Chohra.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sketchfest 17 - Natacha Chohra's Sketches

My good friend and partner in crime, Natacha, is a wonderfully talented artist but she doesn't have a blog, so I thought I would show the lovely sketches she did for sketchfest 17 :)

Snow White and Rose Red
'One day my prince will come...'

Thorny Princess

A Witch's Brew
A young witch invites her familiars for high tea...

I Can See You...
Natacha said 'I wish I had been that brave when I was a little girl :) x'

The Guardian's Perch
Natacha wrote 'I think Gargoyles always look angry or upset because they feel very lonely up there on their's a hard job guarding a city! I usually do 'pretty' so this is a bit different haha :)x'

Turn Over a New Leaf
And guess who does the heavy work come spring? Mother nature's little helpers! ;)

The Ladybug's Lady

Sketchfest time again!!!

Sketchfest 17 is my fourth sketchfest.  For those who don't know what sketchfest is, here's a bit about it:

Sketchfest is a 24 hour creative jam session with artists across the world, brought to you by Ellen Million Graphics. The audience and fellow artists give the artists prompts, which can be single words, questions, phrases, lyrics, links, collections, creatures, characters or concepts, and we sketch whatever catches our fancy. The only rule? Sketches can only be worked on for one hour.' Please join in with the next one if you enjoy drawing.  It's so much fun :D

I didn't do so many this time as I had lots to do, but here are the ones I did manage, in order that I drew them :)

Fairy Tea Break

Snow White and Rose Red

Frogs on Ice 
A bit of silliness (hehe)

Pride and Prejudice.  
Mr. Darcy didn't come out as I imagined him.  He should be much better looking! I drew it in pen (over pencil) so I couldn't erase it. I wanted to sketch a regency party scene in the background but we only have an hour and I ran out of time.

Mermaids Chatting
Mermaids putting the sea to right over a nice cup of seaweed tea (I know the tea would float out of the cup, but it doesn't because it's mermaid magic...)


I've wanted to do something like this for ages, so I had the image of how I wanted it to look in my mind's eye already.

Garden Witch.
Stereotypical witches hat unfortunately.  I wasn't happy with this as I ran out of time and was disturbed quite a lot while I was sketching it.  I wanted to research the different herbs and flowers that you would find in a witch's garden and the seasons they appear, but maybe I'll redraw it and I can do it then.  You might be able to see a face in the tree. I was influenced by the talking apple trees in Wizard of Oz, but it looked silly so I rubbed it out.