Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Zero2illo 12 Week Challenge

I'm really exited to join in the Zero2illo 12 week challenge run by Jonathan Woodward.  I can't wait to start and meet the other participating illustrators.  I will post more information about this over the next 12 weeks.  Thanks for organising this Jonathan.  You're a star :)

If anyone is interested in the challenge and to find out more, take a look at Jon's blog:  Zero2illo 12 week challenge

Monday, 29 March 2010

Showcasing Jasmine Green's drawings

When I'm not busy scribbling away at my drawings or walking my dogs, I work part time in an after school club in Stafford.  It is here I met talented Jasmine Green, age 10.  Jasmine is very creative and inspiring and her drawings are drawn from imagination, not copied.  She produced these quick sketches this evening at the club and she asked me if she could post them on my blog.  I was more than happy to oblige (after asking permission from her mother of course) as I like to encourage and nurture talent and I hope I will be able to post some more of her work in the future :)

This is a fairy she sketched this afternoon (I'm surprised at how quick she draws her pictures).  It's full of movement:


Some ballet dancers

An Easter drawing of Jesus on the cross

Monday, 22 March 2010

My Fairy Gardener - 2

My finished card design with my fairy gardener (see 'My Fairy Gardener' post below for description), which I thought would be equally suitable for a retirement card or birthday card. ;)

As a retirement card:

Or as a birthday card:

Sunday, 21 March 2010


A sketch of the goose I took a liking to in Amerton farm, near Stafford. She might be used in an illustration one day - if I need to draw geese :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Fairy Gardener

This illustration isn't completely finished yet, as I want to add a border of vines, but I thought I would post what I have done so far:

Fairies, I've been told, like to wear pretty clothes when they do a bit of gardening, although they are also practical and wear wellington boots and gardening gloves to protect their hands from the thorns.  This fairy is watering a love plant.  Love plants are native to all countries and naturally occur in places that are surrounded by love.  Butterflies, bees and babies are very attracted to them.  They are evergreen plants, surviving all year long, but can also be quite fragile, so need lots of love, kindness and attention to grow.  The heart shaped flowers are one of the ingredients used by fairies in love spells and to create 'The Milk of Human Kindness' potion that the fairies secretly slip into grumpy people's drinks to make them feel more altruistic and generous to their fellow human beings (quite a lot of this is produced at Christmas and was famously and successfully used on Ebenezer Scrooge). Unfortunately, the plants are invisible to the human eye (however, a young baby can see it), although the heady fragrance can sometimes be smelt on warm, summer evenings  :)

An Award... Hooray and Thank You Medeia :)

My first ever award - hooray! A big thank you to Medeia Sharif, http://sharifwrites.blogspot.com, who awarded me this award. Medeia is a YA writer, whose debut novel The Bestest Ramadan Ever will be published by Flux in 2011.  Thank you again Medeia :)